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Aktualizacja: Wtorek, 31 stycznia 2017 roku, godz. 13:06
The 13th International Conference on Information Management 29-31 May 2017
Data publikacji: Czwartek, 01 czerwca 2017 roku

It is our pleasure to invite you to attend The 13th International Conference on Information Management (ICIM) in business process re-engineering, outsourcing (BPR, BPO), Cloud Computing and decision making, organized by the University of Gdansk Department of Information Systems in Gdańsk under the auspices of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. 

he Conference purpose is to provide participants with an opportunity to present new systems, methods, techniques and tools for information management and their applications in business processes and decision making. The focus will be on new systems, methods, techniques and tools for re-designing decision making processes, business processes and structures. The Conference organizers will provide an open forum for exchanging views and new achievements between specialists from all over World and those why require knowledge of process transformation in the economy. The Conference scope includes all areas in IM and related technologies. Sample areas include, but are certainly not limited to the following:

  • Data–information–knowledge based cycle,
  • Information and processes modeling, 

  • Business Process Re-engineering,

  • Business Process Outsourcing,
  • Service-Oriented Architecture,

  • Cloud Computing,
  • IT Governance,

  • Data Bases,
  • Data Warehouses,
  • Document Warehouses,

  • Analysis and Systems Development,

  • Business Information Systems,

  • Decision Support Systems,

  • Business Intelligence Systems,
  • Data Mining,

  • GIS and Spatial Information Systems,

  • Knowledge-based Management Systems,

  • Information and Communication Technologies,

  • e-Commerce,
  • e-Business,
  • e-Tourism,
  • e-Government,

  • Information Society,

  • Web-oriented Information Services and Systems,

  • Information Systems Applications,
  • Implementations.

Website of the conference and online registration: