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Instructions for Authors

Papers provided to the Journal should be formatted according to the editorial form, that is available below. File version of the paper with two printed hard copies should be sent to the Editorial Office postal address or provided personally to the Editorial Board Secretary in Sopot, Armii Krajowej 101, room 121. File version of the paper could also be sent to the email address of the Editorial Board Secretary ( We kindly ask to name the file by author last name. If the paper includes diagrams please provide also Excel file with data used to make the diagram.

The paper should be at least 8 pages and should not exceed 15 pages. Editorial Board reserves the right to add abbreviations and editorial corrections without asking authors of the paper. We don’t give back unordered papers and elaborations.

It is necessary to attach the declaration of moving copyrights to the Faculty of Management of University of Gdańsk that is available below. The declaration of copyrights includes information that the paper is original, unpublished and not under review elsewhere. In this declaration you should include information about affiliation name and its address as well as email address and phone number that allows us to contact the author of the paper.

The Journal of Finance and Management Editorial Board is interested in publishing elaborations prepared in accordance with scientific ethical aspects. With recommendations from Ministry of Science and Higher Education any unreliability and dishonesty detected by Editorial Board, e.g. “ghost-writing” or “guest authorship” will be documented and exposed to the authorities of the authors’ affiliation. Ghost-writing is when the person has significant contribution in writing the paper but is not listed as co-author of the paper. “Guest authorship” or “honorary authorship” stands for the affair in which persons are adding themselves as co-authors of the paper but in fact they have not got essential contribution to the paper. To counteract such practices, the declaration of the contribution according to the template accessible below should be attached to each paper prepared by more than one author. If the paper was financed by external organization, author is obliged to include this information in the introduction of the paper.

Editorial Style Guide
Author Copyright Release Form
Authorship Statement