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Manuscript Review Procedure
  1. The procedure of reviewing manuscripts submitted to “Journal of Management and Finance” is in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education entitled Basic rules for reviewing publications in journals.
  2. Each manuscript submitted to “Journal of Management and Finance” is subjected to the review of two independent individuals from outside of Faculty of Management of University of Gdańsk with documented scientific output in a given discipline (in a subject discussed) with preservation of the authors and reviewers’ anonymity (so-called “double-blind review process”).
  3. For papers written in foreign language, at least one of reviewers must be affiliated in a foreign institution located in a different country than the institution in which manuscript's author is affiliated.
  4. The manuscript submitted for publication after positive assessment of Editors of “Journal of Management and Finance” (proper topical editor and statistical editor) is given an individual identification number (IIN).
  5. Editor-in-chief, on application of proper topical editor, appoints two reviewers of a given manuscript, who are assigned individual review numbers (IRN).
  6. The manuscript in printed or electronic version, after removing all the personal identification data of the author (i.e. name, surname, affiliation, academic title and university degree), is sent to two reviewers.
  7. Reviewers assess the manuscript according to the criteria taken into consideration in the Manuscript Review Form and on this basis they formulate one of the following recommendations:
    a) the manuscript is ready for publication as is,
    b) the manuscript can be published after taking remarks included in the review into consideration,
    c) the manuscript requires some major changes, and must be reviewed after resubmission,
    d) the manuscript should be rejected.
  8. The author of the manuscript receives the reviews in a printed or electronic version without the personal identification data of the reviewers. The manuscript is accepted for publication only if both reviews include the recommendation to publish it in a current form or the recommendation to publish it after taking remarks included in the review into consideration. In the second case, the author of the manuscript is obliged to correct its content on the basis of the remarks included in the reviews and the final acceptance of it is made by Editors.

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