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The conference is a meeting of both theoreticians and practitioners interested in various aspects of corporate governance and finance. The aim of the conference is to review the scientific achievements of Polish academic centers and foreign partners, as well as to exchange views between representatives of science and business practice.

The main conference themes include the following issues:

  1. Theoretical and practical aspects of corporate governance and finance
  2. Corporate authorities as corporate governance actors
  3. Corporate ownership structure, its changes and shareholders’ rights
  4. The remuneration of senior executives
  5. Corporate Governance and its impact on the firm value
  6. Good practices of corporate governance
  7. Corporate social responsibility
  8. Relations between capital market and corporate governance
  9. Corporate financial management
  10. Corporate performance evaluation
  11. Financial and non-financial reporting
  12. Problems of financial audit, internal audit and risk management
  13. Corporate failures